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The Risk Management Portal is the basis for those who want to share knowledge in Analyzes and Risk Management.

Know our Services:


Diagnosis of risk

We have a diversified portfolio of products designed to identify the likelihood of occurrence of losses and accidents in companies and industries in all sectors of the economy.

Our services range from basic risk assessments to more complex and comprehensive solutions – such as ERM (Enterprise Risk Management), a program that not only identifies vulnerabilities, but also implements a prevention strategy developed by multidisciplinary teams based on a methodology robust


Transfer of knowledge

Our services are based on a solid knowledge transfer process for our customers and partners.

We work with a practical and easy-to-understand methodology that can be implemented in a short period of time.


Online Platform

Our on-line platform accelerates the completion of our clients’ projects and also the process of developing key competencies of our partners.

In addition, we have developed specific “in-company” programs that enable tailor made delivery.


Service Lines