It consists of a detailed Risk Assessment, in line with the best practices of the market (ISO 14.000, ISO 27.000, OHSAS 18.000, ISO 31.000 etc.) that provides a Heat Map of systems vulnerabilities / protection mechanisms, analysis of the main risks, of control and mitigation measures (Risk Sheets) of the main critical risks and recommendations report.


It provides greater consistency in the process of risk assessment and the effectiveness of protection systems based on the unique system of parametric check lists and dynamic mathematical modeling.

It defines clear mitigation measures and controls based on the analysis of the risks and vulnerabilities of the critical processes, ensuring great effectiveness in mitigating the risks

The tool allows the analysis of future risk scenarios based on the improvement of the protection mechanisms / controls, that is, allows comparing the current level of risk with the future (residual) level of risk after the mitigation measures defined in the risk statements are implemented.

This clear cause-and-effect relationship between the effectiveness of the protection systems / control mechanisms and the degree of risk allows the manager to have a clear idea of ​​the effectiveness of each mitigation action.


This analysis is composed of 4 very distinct phases and with very specific deliveries.


Provides 2 options for analysis: Corporate Risk / Best Practices and Insurance aimed at insurers with very diverse evaluation modules.