Controle interno 1

This product is intended for companies that have already carried out their risk assessment, either through the portal or on their own account and already have an internal control system in place. The objective is to evaluate the system for its efficiency and evaluate any existing gaps. It is comprised of 16 business sub-processes that can be contracted in full, by individual modules or by inter-related activities package, according to the size of the organization and the activities inherent to its operation.

The processes covered by the analysis of internal control gaps are:


1 – Compliance (Control Framework)

2 – Finance

3 – Accounting

4 – Control and Consolidation

5 – Information Systems

6 – Shopping

7 – Stocks and Logistics

8 – Marketing

9 – Sales and Services

10 – Human Resources

11 – Communication

12 – Legal

13 – Health, Safety and Environment

14 – Production and Exploitation of Sites

15 – Contracting of Insurance

16 – Innovation, Research and Development

Controle interno 2


In addition to the report with improvement recommendations, it is possible to use the gap analysis template in the recommendations report as a dashboard to monitor the progression of corrections made to the internal controls whose deficiencies have been identified, as well as the percentage score by module and general.

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