The objective of our outsourcing projects is to support our clients with a risk and insurance management team in their daily activities based on a risk management model aligned with the best market practices (COSO ERM, ISO 31,000), using the methodology of Parametrized Risk Analysis.In this context we can support in whole or in part, assuming the total management of the areas of insurance, property security, work safety and risk management.

Business Awareness

In this phase we seek to understand the needs of our customers and identify their critical success factors, their mission, their value proposition and their strategic objectives to be achieved. In this way we provide a risk management model that is fully aligned and adheres to your needs.

Risk analysis

At this moment, we measure the risks in terms of Quantification of Impact and Estimation of Probability through the preparation of a Risk Matrix that will assist in its prioritization process, monitoring and mitigation process.


Vulnerability Analysis (IV)

It consists of identifying the main vulnerabilities in the protection mechanisms / systems to be part of the organization’s main risks. These vulnerabilities are defined through on-site audits using our unique parametric checklist system.

At this point the vulnerability index (IV) is defined that defines the degree of effectiveness of these protection systems. Also provided is a Vulnerability HeatMap that gives the risk manager visibility into the status of each protection system in the organization.

Risk Mitigation

At this point we identify the critical risks, define their origin and their risk factors, their root causes and establish a correlation between the criticality of each risk and the degree of effectiveness of the existing mechanisms / protection systems to mitigate it. Next, we define mitigation plans and prepare the Risk Sheets that will allow an effective control and monitoring of the critical risks.

Risk Management

Risk management can be carried out by our team in whole or in part. In the partial model, we allocate full time or part time professionals in critical functions of the organization, where we assist with pre-established Check Lists, Indicators and systems that allow the management at various levels of the corporate areas of operational risk management, safety management patrimonial and occupational safety management.

Insurance Management

Provision of support in the process of negotiation, contracting and management of corporate insurance management routines.

Dynamic Indicators

The unique dynamic vulnerability indicator system provides precise control of the effectiveness level of protection systems with a level of accuracy far superior to the risk control and mitigation mechanisms in the market.