Why PerformanceLab?

Software to measure, evidence and manage the performance of outsourced services.

Now, you who provide or contract outsourced services, you can be assured of the delivery and quality of them. PerformanceLab allows you to standardize processes, benchmark performance and quantify results.


Have total control of the services provided.




Event Management

Track your operational demands from any mobile device with an instant, intuitive event management system and nonconformities.


Record of occurrences

Identify, correct and prevent possible failures quickly and efficiently. O RegistroLab is a tool for electronic recording of occurrences.


Checklist Management

Make day-to-day operations more productive and improve service performance. With CheckLab, you can track and manage the services through customized checklists.


Round Control

Have total control of the round of your employees in the positions in client.


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