PGR Dynamic

Dynamic PGR is software that generates a dynamic model of risk table, with its own algorithm, based on mathematical models using statistical and analytics tools.

The system is based on the premise of balancing the level of risk of the operation with the level of efficiency of the protection systems used (degree of vulnerability).

It takes advantage of the expertise of risk managers to evaluate the effectiveness of protection systems, contrasting with the claims databases and the main variables (risk factors).



The current Risk Management Plan (PGRs):

  1. They have little structured concept of analytics.
  2. Based on assumptions and feelings of the risk managers who have good specific knowledge about the subject.
  3. They do not present statistical base for their application due to the dispersion of the market.
  4. The current model does not allow monitoring of the dynamics and evolution of the levels of claims that vary constantly.

Equation 1: G rau of R bait

Equation 2: V ulnerability level

What are you doing? What does it deliver?

Great Spot

It allows finding the optimization point between the risk factors and the level of effectiveness used to enable the operation to occur within the appropriate risk tolerance parameters


Consistency in Assessment

Greater consistency in the risk assessment process and the effectiveness of protection systems.


Homogenization & Transparency

Homogenization and transparency of information among players (insurer, shipper, risk manager, etc.) allowing total visibility of the operations and their level of adherence to the rules of the PGR, allowing, even, an audit trail.


Who use?


CASES OF SUCCESS – Logistic Operator

Main actions:

  • Rationality: the rational use of protection systems allowed the reduction of costs
  • Optimization: the tool allows several combinations of protection devices enabling optimization of the fleet
  • Agility: the process is no longer based on a table and passes to allow various combinations
  • Effectiveness: the tool allows the best use of protection systems
  • Compliance: The solution can be installed directly in the TMS ensuring that knowledge is only issued if it complies with the rules of risk

Benefits Captured in 3 years:

  • Reduction of 25% on the cost of escorts
  • Better utilization of assets due to the greater degree of flexibility generated savings of more than 15% depending on the operation
  • 80% reduction in the number of inquiries made to the insurer and / or risk manager
  • More than 2 years without any loss in operation
  • More than 98% of shipments made in accordance with the risk management rule and with the insurance policy




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