PIR Resilient Integrity Potential

The Resilient Integrity Potential (PIR) is a Management and Development tool that aims to understand the potential of professionals when they encounter Ethical Dilemmas in the exercise of their professional activities, presenting Development Solutions of this resilience.
“Integrity Testing is encouraged by Transparency International and the UN.” Federal Public Ministry (Anti-Corruption Measures, March 20, 2015).
The Integrity Resilience quotient of the person points out that, the greater its magnitude, the lower the manifestation of unethical behavior.

Our mission is to prevent and treat acts of Fraud and Harassment, Sexual and Corporativism. Besides:



  • Conflict of interests
  • Bribery
  • Extortion
  • Inappropriate discount

Unlawful Settlement

  • Theft
  • Manipulation of expenses
  • Inventory Manipulation
  • Income statement

Fraudulent Statements

  • Financial
  • Non-financial


The main differentials of the PIR – Resilient Integrity Potential tool are:

  • SCIENTIFIC VISION: Since its constitution it has been academically validated with a consistent literature review.
  • RETURN TO PARTICIPANT: Presentation of Individual and Return Development Plan to the Participant.
  • QUICK RESULTS: Within 48 hours, the result will be available from the time the participant completes the process.
  • NON-INVASIVE: In compliance with Brazilian legislation, the RIP does not violate individual rights and does not invade the participant’s private life. All questions are of a strictly professional nature.
  • APPLICATION TRIANGULATION: Tool for application in: candidates, employees and suppliers / service providers.
  • ACTION AT ALL LEVELS: Customized for Decision Levels (Strategic, Tactical and Operational) and Types of Activities (Support, Negotiation, Technical and Operations).
  • CONTEXTUALIZATION IN BRAZILIAN CULTURE: Validated by specialists in the areas of Compliance, HR, Audit and Legal, considering the context of Brazilian organizations.
  • EASY TO USE: The participant can access the PIR through the internet at any time and place (even from his own residence), answering the questions within 120 minutes.
  • ASSAYED ANALYSIS: All analyzes are performed by specialists, using qualitative-quantitative methodology.


Easy to use, just needing a computer with internet and webcam



    • A representative of the company accesses the platform, fills out the interviewee’s basic data and determines the deadline for carrying out the process

    • The participant receives the link and instructions for conducting the online interview. With internet access and a webcam, he can access the questionnaire anytime, anywhere.

    • Before starting the questionnaire the participant receives instructions exposed through videos which ensures a closer approach and makes the questionnaire friendlier.

    • The answers are collected in multiple choice format as well as in small dissertations and video reports.

    • All analyzes are carried out and reviewed by multidisciplinary specialists with superior training and extensive experience, using a qualitative and quantitative methodology, as well as hermeneutical techniques and interpretation of verbal and non-verbal language.

    • An individual report is generated with verbatim transcription and analysis of each response and at the end of each quarter the reports are compiled into a collective report with statistical data.

    • Possible solutionsand interventions are presented – immediate, if necessary – to manage identified vulnerabilities and risks.



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